Towards Building a New Nigeria: National Re-Orientation or Transformation?

National Orientation and its Negation in Nigeria
National Orientation is best when it addresses the pains, dreams, hopes and realities of the people.  They buy into it naturally and support its guidelines and processes.  They self-correct errors and strive to meet agreed set goals in the collective interest.  It is not all about money or some big men coming to mislead them with old useless stories about their achievements.  It is not about contracts to supply items for populist campaigns that lack roots in the consciousness of the people.  It is more the ability to generate a movement and consciousness; to motivate, mobilize, educate and influence attitudes, perspectives and collective struggle for a common destiny.
What kind of orientation can Nigeria undertake when we have no national framework for mobilizing our people for growth and development? Not up to 5% of Nigerians know much about the budget or its contents much less how it is implemented once it is passed.  Much less than 10% of the elite have copies of the Constitution or the national development plans.  How much of orientation can we give with Boko Haram bombing the police headquarters and other locations daily in Borno and Bauchi states? Have we considered the implication of our bad roads, lack of basic human needs especially lack of food, housing, health services and potable water for over 90% of Nigerians? Do all Nigerians not see the unbelievable level of corruption and how the rich flaunt their ill-gotten wealth and get away with it?  Do they not see the inefficiency and incompetence in the public services and mindboggling corruption in the private sector?  Don’t they feel the impact of epileptic or no power supply, unreliability of police protection, and the inflation in the market?

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