Towards Building a New Nigeria: National Re-Orientation or Transformation?

Steps to Transformation in the New Nigeria
This is only a brief and on the-sport write-up and would require serious brainstorming by stakeholders in the Nigeria Project. However, certain things need to be done to show commitment and seriousness on this issue:

  1. Convening of a Transformation Stakeholders Committee to define, design and document our understanding of, and approach to transformation in Nigeria;
  2. Convening of a Transformation Summit of stakeholders to discuss the document produced by the Committee in order to ensure buy-in to assure implementation;
  3. Encouragement of a national discourse on transformation in order to involve all Nigerians irrespective of class, gender, literacy level and language or religion; and put the outcomes of the Committee and Summit before the Nigerian people;
  4. Re-organisation and transformation of the National Orientation Agency to a National Transformation Agency to reflect the new commitment of Government.  An agency dedicated to orientation cannot transform anything or execute sustainable transformation;
  5. Identify benchmarks for organizing and executing the transformation agenda, which should be incorporated in both the public and private sectors, the security forces, all schools from kindergarten to the university, parks, etc;
  6. Ensure that all office holders incorporate the transformation agenda into their statements, reports and speeches and contracts indicate the transformative value of projects being funded by the public;
  7. Enroll NGOs and the media as well as youth organizations in the promotion of the transformation Agenda so that it is well incorporated;
  8. Let the National Transformation Agency define and design several pro-people programs to enable it reach all classes of Nigerians irrespective of where they are located;
  9. State Governments and LGAs as well as communities should establish their own agencies to promote, propagate and monitor the rate of transformation of institutions, laws, politics and politicking, and the development process.

As I indicated, this is just a sketch but I am sure that it demonstrates what I have in mind.  We focus on transforming attitudes, values and perspectives alongside deep and sustainable socio-economic and political transformation to move Nigeria forward.  Both processes must go together.