Towards Building a New Nigeria: National Re-Orientation or Transformation?

Nigerians see the waste, abandoned properties, neglect of the rural areas, millions of children hawking or roaming the streets when they ought to be in school, and the high rate of infant and maternal mortality in our dear country.  Ethnic, religious, gender, and other primordial contradictions and conflicts continue to deepen even as the federalism we practice goes against all regular or standards forms of federal arrangements.  The unemployment figure is at its highest as graduates roam the streets, prostitute, and engage in all sorts of atavistic behaviours including robberies, kidnappings and assassinations. Political parties have gatekeepers that prevent the deepening, strengthening, and widening of democratic values, structures and processes.   Finally, our people are witnesses to bad, corrupt, criminal, insensitive and largely visionless leadership, bad belle politics, insensitive policies, and misplaced priorities.  True, there are Islands of integrity and performance here and there, but they are often contaminated, corrupted and domesticated by the numerous points of corruption, exploitation, domination, marginalization, and oppression.  This sort of environment negates options and opportunities for orientation.