Towards Building a New Nigeria: National Re-Orientation or Transformation?

We also have a National Orientation Agency (NOA) based in Abuja and the various state capitals.  Just yesterday, July 6, 2011 I asked one of the ex-directors of NOA about the Agency’s website because I could not find it online.  He laughed and said, “Prof how could you be so optimistic? They have no website!”  I was shocked.  During the rebranding abracadabra, NOA was relegated to the background and even with the best of intentions; it remains incapable of affecting or influencing the psyche of Nigerians to convince them about its mandate.  As recently as July 2010, the Lagos State Director of NOA Mr. Nasir Kaka was still asking donors to assist the Agency with logistics while eulogizing the support of the UNICEF (Nigerian News July 17, 2010).